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volvoxinsane in SL.

Ana Sayfa: Hoş Geldiniz

Virtual Identity, Virtual worlds and Sustainability

1-What is virtual identity and virtual worlds? Virtual identity is the manifestation of one’s self in the realm of e-commerce, email, and...

The kind lady;FLY.

Through our teachers, an artist named Fly Kuqin joined our class. Although I don't know her well, I can tell she's a very kind person....

My first second life engineering experience.

I couldn't decide what to build according to the building task given by our teachers. Then I thought of being inspired by structures in...

Whole Brain Health Organization.

Hello Everybody. This week we visited Whole Brain Health organization in Second Life. The goal and purpose of this organization is to...

Feed a Smile

This week we got to know the organization called Live and Learn kenya. We met Brique Topaz, founder of "Feed a Smile". We went to the...

My experiences about Second Life.

Firstly, I want to say that I am surprised. I didn't know that people took Second Life so seriously and it was so valuable from a...

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